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Same Products. Same People. Different Name.

In an effort to provide better service we are moving Wage Filing Supplies to our sister brand, Discount Tax Forms.

The products you order are the same and your customer service reps are the same.

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1099MISC 2-up Fed Copy A 2-up Recipient Copy B 1099-MISC Kit with Envelopes W-2 Employer Federal Copy A for QuickBooks -
1099-MISC form Copy A for federal filing to the IRS. Red scannable.

***DUE DATE CHANGE for 1099MISC Copy A***
Due by January 31 for contractors with box 7 non-employee compensation figure.
1099-MISC form Copy B for recipient filing with a Federal tax return.
A 1099-MISC set 3pt for Federal filing and a File copy. Includes 1096 Transmittals and moisture seal envelopes. QuickBooks compatible.
The official red-scannable, Federal W-2 Copy A form.

DUE JAN 31, 2017 - New Due Date!!
Blank W2 Paper 4up V1 with Instructions - W-2 4-up V1 Self Seal Double Window Envelope Tax Return Envelope with Self Seal Flap First Class Mail Alternate Window Envelope
Print four W-2 copies for 1 employee on 1 sheet of paper - so easy!

A W-2 envelope for our condensed 4up Ver.1 style W-2 forms. Self-Seal flap.
10" x 13" with Self Seal Flap Landscape envelope for tax returns. First Class Alternate Window Envelope 9.5" x 12"
First Class Mail Double Window with Self Seal Flap First Class Mail Alternate Window Envelope W-2 Blank Paper 3up w/ side perf w/ instructions QuickBooks Compatible - 1099INT Form Copy A Federal
First Class Double Window Envelope 9.5" x 12"
First Class Alternate Window Envelope 9-5/8" x 11-1/8"
3up W-2 paper to print all W-2 forms for one employee on a one page. 1/2" Side Perforation.
Payments of Interest Income.
1099DIV Form Copy A Federal 1096 Summary and Transmittal Blank W-2 Form Set 6pt - Blank 3up Perforated W2 Paper & Envelopes - Blank W-2 Form Set 8pt - Blank 4up W2 Paper with Envelopes -
Payments of Dividends and Capital Gains. Summary and Transmittal. Use the 1096 form to summarize 1099, 1098 and 5498 information for the IRS.
A kit with blank paper for 6-part W-2 forms for Federal and State filing and File copies. Includes a W-3 and moisture seal envelopes.
Complete W-2 kit with 4up Ver.1 (quadrant perfs) blank paper for 8-part W-2 forms. Includes moisture seal envelopes.
Tax Return Folder with Windows and Pocket
Use this folder for client organizers and tax returns.The inside pocket is die cut for your business card.