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Official 2017 W-2 forms are SSA Approved & Software Compatible

Many different W-2 forms compatible with your software
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W-2G Payer State Copy 1-D W-2 Employer Federal Copy A for QuickBooks - W-2 Employee Federal Copy B Forms for QuickBooks - W-2 Employee File Copy C for QuickBooks -
W-2 Employee State & City Copy 2 for QuickBooks - W-2 Employer State/City Copy 1 for QuickBooks - W3 Transmittal W-2 Condensed 2-up Employee B/C
W-2 Condensed 3-up Employee B/C/2 W-2 Condensed 4-up V1 Employee B/C/2/2 W-2 Condensed 4up V2 Employee B/C/2/2 W-2 Employer 4up Copies I/D
W-2 Employer 4 Down Version A W-2 Employee 4 up Ver A. Copies B/C/2/2 W2-G Payer Federal Copy A W2-G Payer Federal Copy A
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