Health Safety Signs

Social Distancing, Hand Washing Safety Signs and More

  • Required Coronavirus Safety Signs for Business
  • A Variety of Posters, Window Clings and More
  • Easy, Convenient and Affordable

Show your employees and customers you care about their safety and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 with these signs.

Remind people to maintain social distance, wash their hands and wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and what to do if they have symptoms.

  • Social Distancing Sign Printable Download PDF Black & White -

    Social Distancing Sign – Black & White

  • Social Distancing Sign for Offices Remind People to Stay 6-feet Apart to Prevent COVID-19 Coronavirus -

    Social Distancing Sign – Office

  • 6-feet Social Distancing Sign for Offices, Stores and More for COVID19 Coronavirus Pandemic -

    Social Distancing Sign – Universal

  • Employee Rights for COVID19 Family and Medical Leave Downloadable PDF English -

    Employee Rights Poster (Downloadable PDF) – Family & Medical Leave for COVID-19

  • Employee Rights Poster COVID19 Coronavirus -

    Employee Rights Poster (Printed & Laminated) – Family & Medical Leave for COVID-19

  • Hand Hygiene Sign for COVID N0137 -

    Hand Hygiene Poster – Hand Washing and Sanitizer

  • Clean Work Area Sign for COVID19 N0139 -

    Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Work Area Poster

  • COVID Sign Bundle for Offices N0159 -

    COVID-19 Workplace Safety Signs Bundle

  • Workplace Safety Measures Sign for COVID N0162 -

    Enhanced Safety Measures Poster

  • COVID Temperature Wellness Check Sign for COVID N0166 -

    Temperature and Wellness Checks Poster

  • Employee Safety Procedures Sign for COVID19 N0170 -

    Employee Safety Procedures for COVID-19 Poster

  • Stop Spread of Germs Sign for COVID19 N0224 -

    Stop the Spread of Germs Poster

  • Commitment to Safety Sign for COVID Coronavirus N0267 -

    Commitment to Safety Poster

  • Masks Required Window Cling for COVID19 N0133 -

    Masks Required – Window Cling

  • Social Distancing Window Cling for COVID19 Coronavirus N0111 -

    Social Distancing – Window Cling

  • Wash Your Hands Sign for COVID Coronavirus N0109 -

    Wash Your Hands Poster

  • Masks Required Poster for COVID-19, Laminated N0120 -

    Masks Required Poster

  • Face Masks Required Sign with Details N0117 -

    Face Coverings Required Poster

  • Germs are Everywhere Sign for COVID Coronavirus N0112 -

    Germs are All Around You Poster

  • COVID Myth vs Fact Sign N0079 -

    COVID-19 Myth vs. Fact Poster

  • COVID Symptoms Sign for Employees N0077

    Got Symptoms? COVID-19 Poster

  • COVID Sign Bundle for Offices and Employees N0123 -

    Social Distancing & Hygiene Sign Bundles

  • Social Distance Sign, No Hand Shakes, 6-Feet Apart, Mask Required N0106 -

    Social Distancing Poster