COVID-19 Workplace Safety Signs Bundle

A convenient bundle of COVID-19 safety signs for Employers

This bundle of signs and guidelines helps businesses and employers create a thorough reopening plan, communicate safety practices, and implement critical new policies and procedures.

The bundle includes 1 each of the following 8-1/2″ x 11″ signs printed on thick paper for durability:

  • “Stop the Spread of Germs” Poster: basic CDC guidelines which are mandated for certain industries under various local orders.
  • “Social Distancing” Poster reminds employees and guests not to enter if sick, not to shake hands, and to stay six feet apart.
  • “Employee Safety Procedures” Poster asks employees to do their part by wearing safety equipment (PPE), maintaining social distance, following hygiene protocols, checking for symptoms, reporting illness or exposure, and not coming to work sick.
  • COVID-19 Safety and Wellness Policy covers physical distancing, proper use of safety equipment/PPE, temperature and wellness checks, and enhanced hygiene and sanitation protocols.
  • Return to Work Certification Form requires employees to confirm that they are symptom-free and safe to return to work. It complies with ADA regulations and includes reminders to continue self-monitoring and report any new symptoms.
  • “Guidelines for Reopening Your Facility” Quick Guide includes expert recommendations for reopening safely.

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COVID-19 Workplace Safety Essentials – Posters and Guidelines Bundle

In addition to the extensive CDC guidelines, many state and local governments have issued separate orders – known as ‘safe orders’ or ‘return-to-work orders’ – that employers must follow to help protect employees and customers from being exposed to COVID-19.

This bundle of posters and guidelines is designed to educate and inform employees of the requirements, and help employers create a plan for re-opening safely.

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