Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19) Posters and Handouts Bundle

A bundle of posters and handouts on preventing the spread of COVID-19

Ensure customers and employees have accurate information about COVID-19 Coronavirus with this set of posters and handouts address common misconceptions and misinformation about the virus.

It also informs them on steps to take in the event the contract the virus.

Handout and poster are printed on thick paper stock for better durability and are both 8-1/2″ x 11″.

The bundle includes:

  • Qty 25: 2-Sided information sheets
  • Qty 25: 1-Sided poster


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Posters and handouts inform people about preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Two-sided informational sheet lists proper techniques used to prevent catching the Corona virus (front) and methods for coping with stress during an outbreak (back).

8.5” x 11”, Pack of 25 handout – Printed on thick-stock paper for better durability.

Item# N0159

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