Social Distancing Signs

Laminated and Downloadable Signs for Social Distancing.

  • Remind people to stay 6-feet apart, wear masks and don’t shake hands
  • 3 Designs for download and printing on your own office printer
  • Easy, fast and affordable

With the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic creating new guidelines for social distance in offices, stores and every public space, these signs are an easy way to remind everyone! 

Remind people in your office, store or other public space to stay 6-feet apart and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Social Distancing Sign Printable Download PDF Black & White -

    Social Distancing Sign – Black & White

  • Social Distancing Sign for Offices Remind People to Stay 6-feet Apart to Prevent COVID-19 Coronavirus -

    Social Distancing Sign – Office

  • 6-feet Social Distancing Sign for Offices, Stores and More for COVID19 Coronavirus Pandemic -

    Social Distancing Sign – Universal

  • Workplace Safety Measures Sign for COVID N0162 -

    Enhanced Safety Measures Poster

  • Employee Safety Procedures Sign for COVID19 N0170 -

    Employee Safety Procedures for COVID-19 Poster

  • Stop Spread of Germs Sign for COVID19 N0224 -

    Stop the Spread of Germs Poster

  • Commitment to Safety Sign for COVID Coronavirus N0267 -

    Commitment to Safety Poster

  • Masks Required Window Cling for COVID19 N0133 -

    Masks Required – Window Cling

  • Social Distancing Window Cling for COVID19 Coronavirus N0111 -

    Social Distancing – Window Cling

  • COVID Sign Bundle for Offices and Employees N0123 -

    Social Distancing & Hygiene Sign Bundles

  • Social Distance Sign, No Hand Shakes, 6-Feet Apart, Mask Required N0106 -

    Social Distancing Poster