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Custom Imprinted & Foil Stamped
Tax Return Folders

Tax return folders customized with
ink imprinting or foil stamping
with your name, logo and more.

Choose from 5 professional design templates, or design your own.

Present your hard work in a professional tax folder with your business name & logo.

More Options & More Savings!

Many colors, textures, inks and foils to choose from.
Paper colors from white to dark blue

Smooth and textured paper

Ink imprinting in 1 color;
please call to order 2- or 4-color printing

Foil stamping for a touch of class

Delivered Fast!
Proof within 24 hours
5 Day Turnaround time
(from proof approval)

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Imprinted Tax Return Folders - Standard Pockets Foil Stamped Tax Return Folder Imprinted Tax Return Folder - Expandable Pockets
Customized, imprinted tax folders make clients' tax returns look more professional.

Ink imprinted tax folders in 9 colors, with 13 available ink colors. Standard-size pockets.
Customized, foil-stamped tax folders make client presentations shine!

Foil stamp your name, logo and more on a variety of paper and foil colors.
Expanding-pocket, ink imprinted tax folders make larger tax returns look polished and professional.

13 ink colors and 9 colors of premium folder stock, to create exactly the right folder for your business image.
Foil Stamped Tax Return Folder - Expanding Pockets
Expanding pocket, foil-stamped tax folders help large tax returns shine!

Foil stamp your name, logo and contact information in any size! Choose silver or gold foil stamping on premium folder stock in 9 rich colors.