1099 Tax Forms, Envelopes and Efiling for 2022. Official IRS 1099 Forms - DiscountTaxForms.com

1099 Tax Forms

All types of official 1099 forms and envelopes for the 2022 tax year.

Order IRS 1099 forms and envelopes for information and payment reporting. 

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  • Compatible with most software
  • Online e-file options – let us do the work for you!
  • New dateless format for many 1099 forms – don’t forget to update your software

1099-NEC Copy A

Our Price: $14.00 qty 100
Greatland®: $29.84 qty 500

Order Copy A

Blank 1099 Paper

Our Price: $70.00 qty 500
OfficeDepot® $82.90 qty 500

Order Blank Paper

1099 Tax Forms, Envelopes and Efiling for 2022. Official IRS 1099 Forms - DiscountTaxForms.com

Easily file all types of 1099 tax forms with printing, mailing and e-filing options at discount prices – no coupon needed.

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Online E-Filing of 1099 & W2 Forms

All Types of 1099 Tax Forms for 2022

Preprinted 1099 Forms

All types of official 1099 Forms.

Order 1099 Forms for 2022, Official Preprinted IRS Forms, Envelopes and Easy Online E-Filing Solutions - DiscountTaxForms.com

Blank 1099 Paper

Perforated 1099 blank forms.

1099 Blank Perforated Paper for 2up, 3up & 4up 1099 Tax Form Printing, Optional Instructions on Backer - DiscountTaxForms.com

1099 Form Sets

Sets of forms with optional envelopes.

1099 Tax Form Sets for 2022, Official IRS 1099 Forms, Optional Envelope Kits - DiscountTaxForms.com

1099 Copy A Forms

All of the red, IRS Copy A forms in one place.

Order 1099 Copy A Tax Forms for 2022 - DiscountTaxForms.com

1099 Envelopes

Security-tint, window envelopes.

1099 Envelopes for 2up 3up 4up and Universal 1099 Tax Forms, Important Tax Return Documents Enclosed, Security Tinted - DiscountTaxForms.com

QuickBooks 1099 Forms

100% Compatible and more affordable!

Intuit QuickBooks 1099 Tax Forms for 2022, Compatible with QuickBooks at Discount Prices, No Coupon Code Needed - DiscountTaxForms.com

Continuous 1099 Forms

For pin-fed printers & typewriters.

1099 Carbonless Continuous Tax Forms for 2022, Multi-Part 1099 Forms for Pin-Fed Printers and Typewriters - DiscountTaxForms.com

Software Compatible

Forms for accounting software

Software Compatible 1099 & W2 Tax Forms for 2022 - DiscountTaxForms.com

Pressure Seal 1099 Forms

For pressure-seal equipment.

1099 Pressure Seal Forms, Blank & Preprinted Pressure Seal 1099 Forms for Recipients - DiscountTaxForms.com
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1099 Filing Guides
Guide to Filing 1099 & W2 Forms for Small Business in 2022 - DiscountTaxForms.com

Small Business Guide to Filing 1099 & W-2 Forms.

Whether you need to file W2s for employees, or 1099-NEC for contractors, we can help! 

Use this guide to understand how to file, when to file and the best forms, software and solutions for you.

Guide for Small Business


  • 1099 & W2 Filing Guide for 2022, Small Business Wage Reporting Resources - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099 & W2 Resource Guide

All 1099 Forms
Order 1099NEC Tax Forms for 2022 - DiscountTaxForms.com

Report nonemployee compensation for contractors, freelancers and more who you have paid over $600.

We offer discounted forms, software and online e-filing and mailing services.

1099-NEC Filing

Order 1099MISC Tax Forms for 2022 - DiscountTaxForms.com

For miscellaneous business expenses over $600 that are NOT nonemployee compensation.

We offer discounted forms, software and online e-filing and mailing services.

1099-MISC Filing

Order 1096 Tax Forms for Summary and Transmittal of 1099 Forms to the IRS - DiscountTaxForms.com

Form 1096 Form summarizes information for a payer’s batch of one type of 1099 forms.

Use one 1096 for each payer, for each type of 1099 filed.

1096 Forms

Mortgage Interest

Vehicle Donations

Student Loan Interest

Tuition Payments

Acquisition or Abandonment of Property

Proceeds from Broker Transactions

Cancellation of Debt

Corporate or Capital Changes

Dividends and Distributions

Certain Government Payments

Interest income

Payment Cards & Transactions

Long-Term Care & Death Benefits

Original Issue Discount

Distributions from Cooperatives

Qualified Education Programs

Real Estate Transaction Proceeds

Proceeds from Real Estate

HSA / MSA Distributions

3921 & 3922
Stock Options

IRA Contributions

Blog Posts on 1099 Forms

Decoding 1099NEC Copy Requirements

1099-NEC ‘Copies’, or parts, report non-employee compensation to recipients and government agencies and help ensure accuracy of income tax filing. 1099-NEC Forms are filled out by the payer and provided to the recipient and government agency.

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How to E-File 1099 & W2 Forms

It’s easy for businesses to efile 1099 & W2 forms with the right online system! You don’t need special software or technical knowledge, and certainly don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars.

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