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Convenient packs of 1099 tax forms and envelopes.

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  • NEW 3-per-page format for 1099-NEC forms

1099NEC Forms &
Envelopes Set 4-pt

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Intuit®: $114.99 qty 100

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1099INT Preprinted
Forms Set 4-pt

Our Price: $34.50 qty 500
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1099 Tax Form Envelopes Sets and Kits for 2021 - DiscountTaxForms.com

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1099NEC Forms for 2021 3up format - DiscoountTaxForms.com


New 1099NEC forms for reporting payments to non-employees (contractors, freelancers, etc) were new in 2020, and are changing again this year to a 3up format (instead of the 2up format last year).

This means you will need new 1099-NEC forms and 3up 1099 envelopes

If you have used 1099MISC in the past to report non-employee compensation in box 7, you MUST USE 1099NEC FORMS in 2021. 

We have official 1099NEC forms, blank perforated 1099 paper, pressure seal forms, carbonless forms, compatible 1099 envelopes and everything you need for easy printing. 

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Online E-Filing of 1099 & W2 Forms

1099 Form Sets

  • 1099-NEC Tax Forms and Envelopes for 2021 Reporting of Non-Employee Compensation - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-NEC Forms Set with Envelopes

  • 1099-NEC Tax Form Sets for Non-Employee Compensation 2021 - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-NEC Forms Set

  • 1099-INT Forms & Envelopes Set for Reporting Interest Income, Copy A, B, C & 1099 Envelopes Included - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-INT Forms Set with Envelopes

  • 1099-DIV Tax Forms Envelopes Set for Dividends and Distribution Income - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-DIV Forms Set with Envelopes

  • 1099-R Forms Set with Copy A, B, C, 2, D & 1 for Recipients and Payers - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-R Forms Set

  • 1099-MISC Tax Forms Envelopes Set 3-, 4-, 5-part Official 1099 Forms for Miscellaneous Income Reporting - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-MISC Forms Set with Envelopes

  • 1099-MISC Tax Forms Set 3-, 4-, 5-part Official 1099 Forms for Miscellaneous Income Reporting - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-MISC Forms Set

  • 1099-INT Tax Forms Set with Copy A, B, C for reporting Interest Income - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-INT Forms Set

  • 1099-DIV Tax Forms Set for Dividends and Distribution Income Reporting to the IRS - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099-DIV Forms Set

  • 1096 Forms for Summary and Transmittal of 1099 forms to the IRS - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1096 Transmittal Forms

  • Carbonless 1096 Forms for Typewriters or Continuous Printers, Minimum Quantity of 1 Form - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1096 Transmittal Forms – Carbonless Continuous

1099 Envelopes

  • 1099 Envelope 2up with Self-Seal Flap for 1099MISC and 2up 1099 Forms - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099 Envelope – 2up

  • 1099 Envelopes for 3up 1099NEC, 1099, 1098 and 5498 tax forms - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099 Envelope – 3up

  • 1099R Envelopes for 4up forms - DiscocuntTaxForms.com

    1099R Envelope – 4up

  • Universal 1099 & W2 Envelopes for 5-part blank perforated, universal forms - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099 & W2 Envelope for Universal Forms

  • 1042 Form Envelpes SW42 - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1042 Envelope

  • 1099 Envelope for 1099 Express Software - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099 Envelope – #9

1099 Filing Guides

How to Correct a 1099 Form 

You do not need to correct a 1099 the same way you filed it, so if you mailed a paper copy, you can e-file a correction, or vice versa. However, if you have 250 or more corrections that need to be filed, they MUST be e-filed with the IRS. Learn More >

The easiest way to correct a 1099-MISC form is by using our 1099 Filing Hub > You simply enter the corrected information and we e-file with the IRS and generate a correction form that you print in your office.

Instantly Efile a Corrected 1099

Or, you can Order new 1099-MISC forms to file a correction. Simply check the ‘Corrected’ box at the top and mail it to the IRS and the recipient.

Order More 1099 Forms

  • Filing Guide for 1099 and W2 Forms for Small Business and Tax Professionals - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1099 & W2 Resource Guide

Blogs on 1099 Forms

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Decoding W-2 Copy Requirements

There are various ‘Copies’, or parts, of a W-2 form, each with a different name. Although they will have the same information about the employer and employee, earnings and withholdings, each copy is given to a different entity. This ensures correct reporting during the income tax filing process. W-2 Forms are filled out by the employer and provided to the employee or a government agency.

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Decoding 1099-MISC Copy Requirements

1099-MISC ‘Copies’, or parts, report income to recipients and government agencies and help ensure accuracy of income tax filing. They include identical information about the payer and recipient, payments and withholdings, but each copy is given to a different entity. 1099-MISC Forms are filled out by the payer and provided to the recipient or a government agency.

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