W2 Pressure Seal Forms

W2 tax forms for pressure seal equipment.

  • W2 pressure seal forms in many layouts 
  • Compatible with most types of pressure seal equipment.

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W-2 4up Blank
EZ-Fold with Backer

Our Price: $130.00 per 1000
Greatland® $210.20 per 1000

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W2 4up Horizontal
Preprinted V-Fold

Our Price: $130.00 per 1000
Greatland $202.10 per 1000

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  • Pressure Seal W2 4up Blank Letter Size V-Fold - Discount Tax Forms

    Pressure Seal Blank W2 Forms – 4up V1 – 11″ V Fold

  • Pressure Seal Blank W2 Forms – 4up V1 – 14″ EZ Fold

  • Blank Pressure Seal W2 4up Forms - DiscountTaxForms.com

    Pressure Seal Blank W2 Forms – 4up V2 – 14″ EZ Fold

  • Pressure Seal W2 4up Preprinted Letter Size V-Fold - Discount Tax Forms

    Pressure Seal W2 Forms – 4up V1 – 11″ V Fold

  • W2 Pressure Seal Forms - Discount Tax Forms

    Pressures Seal W2 Forms – Employee 4up V2 – EZ Fold

W2 Filing Guides

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    1099 & W2 Resource Guide

Blog Posts on W2 Forms

Decoding W-2 Copy Requirements

There are various ‘Copies’, or parts, of a W-2 form, each with a different name. Although they will have the same information about the employer and employee, earnings and withholdings, each copy is given to a different entity. This ensures correct reporting during the income tax filing process. W-2 Forms are filled out by the employer and provided to the employee or a government agency.

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