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High-security checks at lower prices every day!

  • Business checks at big discounts – save up to 60% off retail
  • All orders ship within 24-48 hours
  • Checks for QuickBooks™ and other software

We can provide business checks at such low prices because we’re a small business, just like you! Our low overhead and great partners allow us to deliver high-quality checks cheaper than almost anyone.

Preprinted Checks
with Logos

Our Price: $90.00 qty 250
Intuit® $179.99 qty 250

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High-Security Blank
Check Stock

Our Price: $90.00 qty 1000
Deluxe®: $239.99 qty 1000

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Order high-security business checks at deep discounts every day – no coupon needed.

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Preprinted Business Checks

High-Security Checks in many colors and layouts with free logos!

QuickBooks® Checks

Guaranteed compatible and more affordable with fast shipping.

Blank Check Stock

Premium, security blank check stock in many formats and colors.

Envelopes for Checks

Security-tinted window envelopes for easy mailing.

Pressure Seal Checks

Many options for pressure seal equipment.

Pressure Seal Blank Check Stock, Blank Stock for Pressure Seal Equipment and High-Volume Check Printing for Business -

Check-Writing Supplies

Deposit tickets, custom stamps and more.

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Popular Business Checks

  • Blank check stock, top checks. High security check stock at affordable prices - Discount Tax Forms

    Top Blank Check Stock

  • 3up Checks for QuickBooks Software, at Discounted Prices -

    3up Blank Check Stock for QuickBooks®

  • Blank check stock, bottom checks. High security check stock at affordable prices - Discount Tax Forms

    Middle Blank Check Stock

  • Printed Business Checks with Logos at Discounted Prices Everyday!

    Printed Business Checks

  • QuickBooks Business Checks at Lower Prices Every Day -

    QuickBooks® Business Checks with Logos

  • QuickBooks check envelopes at discounted prices, with 2 windows, security tint and self-seal flap -

    QuickBooks® Check Envelopes

  • Check Envelopes for Top Checks, Double Window with Security Tint -

    Top Check Envelopes

Lower Prices Every Day on Business Checks

Printed Checks

Our Price: $90.00 qty 250
Intuit® Price $175.99 qty 250

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Blank Check Stock

Our Price: $90.00 qty 1000
Deluxe®: $238.99 qty 1000

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How do we keep our prices so low?

It's easy when you're a small business! While the big guys have giant operations to pay for, we're a small business like you.

As a 4-woman team in Michigan with amazing resources, we deliver business checks for less without ever sacrificing quality or security.

We print checks in our own facility to keep costs down, and work with a major supplier of check stock to pass the savings along to our customers.

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High-Security Checks at Affordable Prices

High-Security in a Uncertain World

Top-of-the-line security features exceed guidelines for a high level of protection, at affordable prices!

Gold Security Paper

Our unique, gold security paper is UV Dull. This means that the paper is not as bright white as conventional check stock, allowing allowing the fluorescent security ink to appear blue under a blacklight.

Check 21 Compliant business checks also have a true watermark, are erasure evident and stain when chemicals are applied. These and other patented security features are also affordable!

More About Security

Front Check Security

  • Amount Line SEL Ink/Void Feature
  • Unique Borders
  • Rainbow Prismatic Versions
  • Micro Printing
  • Signature Area
  • Fingerprint Hologram

Back Check Security

  • Heat Sensitive Ink
  • ABA Check Endorsement
  • Dual Watermarks
  • Fluorescent Fibers