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How Do We Keep Prices so Low on Business Checks?

Small businesses are seeing prices increase on nearly everything they need to operate. We believe that helping them save money on essentials like business checks is just one way we can help our fellow small businesses

That’s why The Tax Form Gals work hard to deliver low-priced business checks fast.

So how do we sell business checks so cheap?

There are a few key reasons why we can keep our prices on business checks so low. As a small, women-owned business we have low overhead, connections with top suppliers who share our values focused on helping our fellow small businesses and use efficient technology that’s focused on what’s most important for your checks, accuracy and security.

How do we keep prices so low on business checks -

Low Overhead for Check Printing

As a small business too, we know the value in keeping things simple to make them more effective. We make a point to keep our overhead costs simple too. With a small office, core team of dedicated Tax Form Gals and just the right equipment, the costs associated with printing and shipping checks stays low.

Compared to the big business check supply companies like Deluxe®, Intuit Marketplace®, Costco® or Vistaprint®, The Tax Form Gals are a great alternative, keeping things simple, small and super-focused on customer satisfaction. With a small, expert team, small marketing budgets and lower overhead, we deliver high-quality business checks that are cheaper than the big guys, with better service too.

Top-Tier Resources with Better Values

The business supply chain is huge and complicated and full of large corporations who look out for their shareholders more than their customers. We understand the value of working together to make great things happen.

The Tax Form Gals are different, putting our values in the forefront of our decisions, especially when choosing suppliers for business checks. We work with a top-notch supplier who has incredible resources of their own and leverages them to help their fellow businesses succeed. Not only do they buy high-quality check stock in high volumes, they pass along the savings to their customers, including us. And we pay that forward by passing it on to you too!

But never think that we’ll sacrifice quality for lower prices. All of our checks have security features that exceed industry standards, are printed on high-quality paper and ship fast direct from our facility in Michigan.

Efficient Check-Printing Technology

There’s no big secret to being a business check printer, but there are two big pieces of the puzzle that deserve great focus – accuracy and security. That’s where the right systems are important, both for the actual printing process and in shipping and delivery.

The check printing software that we use is simple, efficient and, most importantly incredibly accurate. It allows us to set up data precisely and quickly, store it securely using encryption technology and quickly print business checks, whether it’s your first order or hundredth reorder.

Call on The Tax Form Gals for Discount Business Checks!

With amazing resources, low overhead and efficient technology, The Tax Form Gals deliver business checks at lower prices everyday.

When you need a great business check supplier that won’t break your budget, call your fellow small business, or order checks online at

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