Resources for QuickBooks® 1099 & W2 Filing

Videos and information to efficiently, and affordably file 1099 & W2 Forms with QuickBooks. 

How to Set up a 1099 Contractor in QuickBooks

  • Create a vendor with a Tax ID
  • Create an account for 1099 payments for each vendor
  • Assign account as Non-Employee Compensation
  • Review list of vendors and add if needed
  • Review information
  • Print 1099 forms or import to for easier online filing

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How to E-file 1099 & W2 Forms in QuickBooks

  • Use for an easier way! 
  • Affordable! $3.95 per form or less
  • Absolutely secure
  • Complete e-file and/or mail service
  • All the popular 1099 forms and corrections
  • W-2 forms and corrections
  • W3 & 1096 Transmittals included

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How to Write Checks in QuickBooks

  • Open a check
  • Enter payee info
  • Choose an account, date and category
  • Enter the check amount and check number
  • Print individually or as a batch (see below)

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How to Print Checks in QuickBooks

  • Choose print checks from the main menu
  • Select type of check and preview a sample
  • Load QuickBooks check stock and print!

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How to Set Up Payroll Taxes

  • Gather necessary tax information about your business
  • Set up employees
  • Enter Federal and State tax details
  • Set up e-file and e-pay, or manually pay
  • Set up verification and security information

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How to Pay Payroll Taxes

  • Click Pay Taxes in your activities area 
  • Click e-pay to submit electronically
  • Approve tax payments as needed

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Find a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in Your Area

A ProAdvisor is a QuickBooks-Certified accounting professional who provides strategic insight and support to drive small business success.

A ProAdvisor pushes more than numbers—they push you to make your business the best it can be.

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Blog Posts about QuickBooks 1099 & W2 Filing

When is a 1099-MISC Required?

Businesses need to file a 1099-MISC if any of the following payments are made in the course of doing business throughout a calendar year. Here is what the IRS says.

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