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The Myth of the QuickBooks® Coupon Code

QuickBooks® Software by Intuit® Has Expensive Tax Forms

Good luck getting your hands on a coupon code!

If you need to file 1099 and W2 tax forms with QuickBooks, your bank account isn’t going to like the prices charge by Intuit. You can order forms on their website, but they’re going to cost much more than you need to spend. 

And it’s not easy to find a coupon code. You need to know a Pro to get one.

Look to Discount Tax Forms for lower prices every day!

Intuit can charge $100+ for 100 1099 kits, and our price is $77. That’s more than 30% off!!!

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We have your coupon code discount, every day. Plus, if you order 1099 forms or W2 forms early in the year, we’ll help you save even more money with regularly scheduled sales each month, right through December. 

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Intuit charges $89+ for 100 sets of blank W2 paper. Our price is $65. And you never need a coupon code!!

Intuit QuickBooks Compatible W2 Tax Forms for 2022 at Discount Prices - No Coupon Needed -

Our forms are 100% compatible with any version of QuickBooks and IRS approved for filing. 

We make it easy with options for 2up, 3up and 4up forms, so you can simplify printing and mailing too. 

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Plus we have QuickBooks compatible mailing envelopes at deep discounts too. 

Envelopes for QuickBooks Checks and Forms, including 1099 and W2 forms -

Envelopes for tax forms and checks from QuickBooks.

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Why is Discount Tax Forms so Much Cheaper Than Intuit?

It’s simple business really.

First, we’re a small business with yours, with lower overhead and a simplified business philosophy.

Second, forms aren’t really that expensive to make, and 1099 and W-2 forms are pretty standard. They’re the same from every vendor across the US. 

So, we buy forms in bulk and resell them at a substantial discount to our fellow small business owners. We’re a women-owned company in Michigan and everyone knows us as The Tax Form Gals!

We can help you save money on many type of essential business supplies.

You won’t believe how much lower our prices are on business checks for QuickBooks. (hint: it’s 64% less)

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