W2 Continuous Forms

Carbonless W2 forms for pin-fed printers or typewriters. 

Easily print multiple forms at once! Forms are ‘stacked’ on top of each other so printing goes through to each copy from your dot-matrix printer or typewriter.


  • Many styles of W2 Continuous forms 
  • Low everyday prices
  • Compatible with most accounting software

W2 6pt 1-Wide

Our Price: $305.00 per 500
Greatland®: $692.50 per 500

Order W2 1-Wide

W2 Envelopes 2up

Our Price: $39.00 per 100
OfficeDepot®: $59.96 per 100

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W2 Continuous Carbonless Forms for Pin-Fed Printers and Typewriters - DiscountTaxForms.com

W2 carbonless continuous forms for typewriters or pin-fed printers. Shop easy, ship fast with The Tax Form Gals!

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