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W2 Continuous Forms

Order carbonless W2 tax forms for 2023. 

  • W2 carbonless forms at everyday discount prices
  • Ideal for typewriters or dot matrix printers
  • Compatible with most accounting software
  • Or let us do the work for you and file W2 forms online at DiscountEfile.com

**NEW** W2 E-filing requirements — e-file Copy A if you have 10+ W2 and 1099 forms combined in 2023.

W2 6pt 1-Wide

Our Price: $112.00 qty 100
Greatland®: $234.74 qty 100

Order W2 1-Wide

W2 Envelopes 2up

Our Price: $58.00 qty 200
OfficeDepot®: $88.79 qty 200

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2023 W2 Continuous Carbonless Forms, Multi-Part - DiscountTaxForms.com

W2 carbonless continuous forms for typewriters or pin-fed printers at discount prices – no coupon needed.

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Have 10+ W2 & 1099 Forms to File? You Must E-file!

The required threshold for e-filing is 10+ W2 and 1099 forms, combined, per EIN. 

That means, for example, if your business has 5 1099NEC forms and 5 W2 forms, you must e-file the red Copy A forms with the IRS and SSA by January 31, 2025.

This applies to ANY combination of 10 or more of ANY type of 1099 or W2 forms, except correction forms.

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Efile, print and mail 1099 & W2 forms online.

No paper, no software, no mailing, no hassles!

If you have 10 or more 1099 & W2 forms combined for a single EIN, you must e-file Copy A in 2023.

Use DiscountEfile.com to enter or upload data from QuickBooks® or other programs, and we'll e-file with the IRS or SSA for you and can even print and mail recipient copies! 

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Online E-Filing of 1099 & W2 Forms

Order W2 Carbonless, Continuous Multi-Part Tax Forms

  • Carbonless W2 Forms for 2023, Continuous Format for Pin-Fed Printers or Typewriters, 4- 6- 8-part format options for Employee and Employer W2 Filing - DiscountTaxForms.com

    W2 Continuous Form – 1 Wide

  • 2023 W3 Forms 2-part for Transmittal of W2 Copy A Forms to the SSA by Employers, Red Scannable Official Preprinted W-3 Forms - DiscountTaxForms.com

    W-3 Transmittal Forms for Typewriters – 2-Part

  • W3 Form for 2023, Carbonless Continuous 2-part 1-wide format, W-3 Transmittal Forms for W2 Copy A Filing with the SSA - DiscountTaxForms.com

    W-3 Forms – Continuous Carbonless 2-pt

  • W2 Carbonless Forms 2023, Continuous Twin Sets for Employers and Employees 3- or 4-part Format - DiscountTaxForms.com

    W2 Carbonless Forms – Twin Sets

  • W3C Transmittal Form, Carbonless Continuous 2-part 1-wide format for W2C Copy A Filing with the SSA - DiscountTaxForms.com

    W3C Transmittal Forms – Carbonless Continuous Multi-Part

W2 Filing Insights from the Blog

How to E-File 1099 & W2 Forms

How to E-File 1099 & W2 Forms

It’s easy for businesses to efile 1099 & W2 forms with the right online system! You don’t need special software or technical knowledge, and certainly don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars.