ACA 1095 Forms

1095 forms, 1094 forms and compatible envelopes for ACA reporting of health insurance coverage for employees.

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ACA 1095 Forms & 1094 Forms

1095-C Forms for Employers with 50+ FTE Employees.

Use one 1095-C form for each employee, and 1094-C form for each EIN. (Similarly to using a W-3 with a batch of W-2 forms)

1095-B & 1094-B Forms

  • 1094-B Transmittal forms for 1095 forms - Discount Tax Forms

    1094-B Form – Transmittal

  • ACA Form 1094-C Transmittal for 1095B Forms -

    1094-C Form – Transmittal

  • Blank 1095 Form Paper with instructions on the back -

    1095 Blank Paper with Instructions

  • 1095-B Continuation Forms, IRS Official Version - Discount Tax Forms

    1095-B Continuation Forms – Official IRS Version

  • 1095B Forms for ComplyRight Software -

    1095-B Forms – ComplyRight Version

  • 1095B Forms for ACA Reporting -

    1095-B Forms – Full Sheet with Instructions on Back

  • 1095-B Forms, Official IRS version - Discount Tax Forms

    1095-B Forms – Official IRS Version

  • IRS Official 1095C Continuation Form for ACA Reporting -

    1095-C Continuation Forms – Official IRS Version

  • 1095C Continuation Form for ACA Reporting with ComplyRight Software -

    1095-C Continuation Forms for ComplyRight Software

  • Official IRS 1095C forms for ACA reporting - DiscountTaxForms

    1095-C Form Official IRS Version

  • 1095C Forms for ACA Reporting with ComplyRight software - Discount Tax Forms

    1095-C Forms – ComplyRight Software Version

  • ACA 1095C Forms for Affordable Care Act Reporting, Full Page with Instructions -

    1095-C Forms – Full Sheet with Instructions on Back

  • ACA Form 1095C Half Page with Instructions - Discount Tax Forms

    1095-C Forms – Half Sheet with Instructions at Bottom

  • 1095 Pressure Seal Forms, Blank -

    Blank Pressure Seal for 1095-C or B Forms – EZ Fold

  • Pressure Seal 1095B Forms for ACA Reporting -

    Pressure Seal 1095-B Form – EZ Fold

  • 1095-C Pressure Seal Forms for ACA Reporting - Discount Tax Forms

    Pressure Seal 1095-C Form – EZ Fold

1095 Filing Requirements

These new forms are required to report on employee health care coverage. This is part of the Employer Shared Responsibility Rule of the Affordable Care Act.

Medium-to-large size businesses will need to file these forms!!

Who needs to file:

  • Employers with 50 or more full-time employees (or full-time equivalent)
  • Self-insured employers with fewer than 50 employees (a very small number of businesses)
  • Health insurance companies
  • Click for details on employers who qualify
  • Businesses can file these forms themselves, or outsource to a payroll company, just like W-2 forms.

Forms 1095-B and 1095-C are used to report to the IRS, and include the following information:

  • Enrolled employees and former employees
  • Details of employees’ health insurance coverage
  • Verification that the minimum essential coverage (MEC) requirement has been met.

Employees and their dependents will use this information to complete their personal tax returns – and those who do not have minimum essential coverage may receive a penalty on their tax returns.

1095-C is for applicable large employers

1095-B is for self-insured employers and health insurance companies

1094-C and 1094-B are the summary transmittal forms

You Need 1 Copy for the Employee and 1 Copy for the IRS, just like W-2 forms.
Order 2 Forms for each employee unless you are e-filing with the IRS.