W2 Continuous Forms – Twin Sets

Separate Carbonless Continuous W2 Forms for Employer or Employees

W2 Carbonless Twin Set Forms for pin-fed printers deliver better legibility when printing with a pin-fed printer or typewriter.

All employee and employer copies are stacked on top of each other and ready to run in two printer passes – one for the employee copies and another for the employer copies. Separate the side stub from employee copies and you’re ready to mail in compatible W2 envelopes. 

The employee copies are great for businesses who e-file! Use the 3-part forms for federal and state filing, and 4-pt forms if you also need to file local copies.

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Order a quantity equal to the number of employees you have. Minimum 25 / Multiples of 25.


Carbonless, Continuous W2 Forms in Twin Sets of Employee and Employer Copies

These W2 forms for pin-fed printers have all the employee or employer copies you need, stacked on top of each other for easy printing and better legibility.

Run one printer pass for each employee set, and each employer set, and instantly get all the forms you need! Simply tear off the perforated side sections, and mail employee copies in compatible W2 envelopes.

These W2 Carbonless twin sets are ideal for employers who E-file, and only need employee copies.

W2 Carbonless Continuous Twin Set Specs:

Order a quantity equal to the number of employees you have.

  • Standard 1-wide format
  • 3-pt or 4-pt forms for employee or employer
    • 3-pt Employer Copies – A, 1/D, 1/D
      3-pt Employee Copies – B, C, 2
    • 4-pt Employer Copies – A, 1/D, 1/D, 1/D
      3-pt Employee Copies – B, C, 2, 2
  • Printed on pin-fed paper for dot-matrix or pin-fed printers or typewriters
  • Copy A forms are red scannable per IRS requirements

Mail Copy A forms in a batch to the IRS with a W3 Transmittal form.

Mail Copy B/C/2 forms to recipients in compatible W2 envelopes.

Mail Copy 1 employer copy in a batch to the correct state or local agencies.

Keep a Copy D for employer files.

3-pt employer – X13 | 3-pt employee – X13A
4-pt employer – X14 | 4-pt employee – X14A



The IRS is currently CONSIDERING a change to the e-filing threshold for 1099 & W2 forms. It is currently 250+ forms, but COULD change to 100+. Stay tuned to Discount Tax Forms and the Official IRS 1099 Instructions for developments.

If you need to efile, check with your software provider or use our online service, DiscountEfile.com to get it all done easily. We can even print and mail recipient copies for you!

Efile W2 Forms

Number of W-2 Parts

3-pt Employer, 3-pt Employee, 4-pt Employer, 4-pt Employee