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Custom-Printed Business Checks Compatible with Accounting Software – Free Logos

Buy business checks for less – without sacrificing quality or security! These preprinted, top-format checks include security features that exceed guidelines and are guaranteed compatible with your accounting software.

Order as few as 250 checks and get big discounts on larger quantities – no coupon needed with The Tax Form Gals.

Checks are custom-printed with your business and bank information, and ready to print with your accounting software. Add your logo for no additional charge!

Top-of-the-line security features are built into every business check. You don’t need to compromise on quality to get discounted pricing.

Most checks ship within 48 hours on business days.

Minimum 250 / Multiples of 250

Qty 250 - 499$0.40 ea
Qty 500 - 999$0.25 ea
Qty 1,000 - 1,999$0.17 ea
Qty 2,000 - 3,999$0.16 ea
Qty 4,000 - 25,000$0.15 ea

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For first time orders only. Or fax to 866-226-5121.

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For new orders, upload a logo to print on your checks. Must be .JPG, .PNG or PDF file. Logos are printed in black ink only.

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Discount business checks compatible with accounting software that prints in top format.

Order business checks for less – without sacrificing quality or security! Rely on The Tax Form Gals for discount business checks – no coupon needed.

These top-format, preprinted business checks are ready to use with your accounting software that prints checks in the top position, with 2 bottom stubs that are perforated.

From QuickBooks™ checks to Peachtree™, ProSystem FX™ and Cheque Mate™ compatible business checks, we have high-quality security checks for ALL types of accounting software. Simply tell us your check-printing software when you order and we’ll guarantee compatibility!

And we’ll even print your logo at no additional charge! When you give us your check specs and data, simply send your logo too and we’ll create business checks just for you, with everything printed in scannable MICR ink required by banks and financial institutions around the world.

Choose from 4 standard colors, and 3 prismatic blended color combinations, all with security features that exceed industry guidelines. Click the tab above to see them all, including special UV gold paper stock, microprinting, watermarks, heat-sensitive ink and more.

Our small business is ready to help yours!

As a 4-woman team in Michigan with amazing resources, we deliver business checks for less, without ever sacrificing security or quality. Order online, call or email us today.

Compare and Save on Software Compatible Business Checks

Our price: $110 qty 500
Intuit™: $149.99 qty 500
Deluxe™: $198.39 qty 500 (with 20% first-order discount)

Qty Price
250 $100
500 $125
1000 $170
2000 $320
4000 $600

Our security features are comparable and compatibility is guaranteed with your software.

Why spend so much on checks when you can rely on Discount Tax Forms?

How do we keep our prices so low?

It’s easy when you’re a small business! While the big guys have giant operations to pay for, we’re a small business like you.

We print checks in our own facility to keep costs down, and work with a major supplier of check stock to pass the savings along to our customers.

Call the Tax Form Gals at Discount Tax Forms for the best deal, and the best service anywhere!

Easily order checks online.

Just tell us your software and check style, upload a voided check and/or a logo, select your quantity and we’ll start processing your order immediately! Most checks ship within 48 hours!

-OR- Call us at 877-824-2458 or Fax orders to 866-226-5121

High-Security in a Uncertain World

Top-of-the-line security features exceed guidelines for a high level of protection, at affordable prices!

Gold Security Paper

Our unique, gold security paper is UV Dull. This means that the paper is not as bright white as conventional check stock, allowing allowing the fluorescent security ink to appear blue under a blacklight.

High Security Check Stock Features -

Front of Check Security Features

1] Amount Line SEL Ink/Void Feature – The amount line is printed with solvent, erasable ink that turns white or bleeds when attempting mechanical or chemical alterations.
The amount line (US Patented) is also printed with a different pantograph background than the signature area and balance of the check. The patented use of multiple pantograph designs produces voids through different density settings.

2] Unique Borders – The borders on the left and right are unique and interwoven with hidden, covert features that are difficult to copy or scan. On multi-color checks, the border is two colors.

3] Rainbow Prismatic Versions – The pantograph check design is printed with graduated colors. These versions are the most difficult to copy and include a VOID copier security feature.

4] Micro Printing – The bottom line border and endorsement on the back are micro-printed with Fingerprint Security™ and can only be seen when magnified. Micro-printing cannot be photocopied or scanned.

5] Signature Area – The signature area is printed with a different pantograph background than the check and balance of the check. (US Patented)

6] Hologram Icon (optional) – The metallic, foil hologram is nearly impossible to replicate or remove, adding a layer of security like no other! Available in hologram blank check stock or preprinted business hologram checks.


High Security Check Backer Features -

Back of Check Security Features

7] Heat Sensitive Ink – The Knight™, Fingerprint Security™ wording and Seal are printed in the endorsement area on the back with pink, thermochromatic ink that is heat-sensitive and will disappear at temperatures above 85-degrees by breathing on it or rubbing it with your finger. (US Patented)

8] ABA Check Endorsement – A Knight™, Fingerprint Security™ wording and Seal are printed in the endorsement area and are facsimiles of the watermarks. The endorsement is printed with a warning clause indicating the face of the check contains a colored pantograph background the same as the check. (US Patented)

9] Dual Watermarks – The artificial Knight™ and Fingerprint Watermarks cannot be photocopied and may be seen when holding at an angle or under a black light. They are coin-reactive and turn grey by rubbing with a coin.

10] Fluorescent Fibers – The artificial fluorescent fibers may be seen when viewed under a blacklight.

Other Check Security Features

  • Copier Void
  • Ultraviolet Dull Paper
  • Erasure Evident
  • Chemical Stain
  • Visible Fibers
  • Laid Lines
  • Coin-Reactive Ink
  • Watermark Certification Seal
  • Toner Lock
  • True Watermark
  • Warning Band
  • Secure Stock
  • High-Security Background
  • Check 21 Compliant

US Patents

Security features are patented in the USA under one or more of the following:

  • 5538290
  • 5575508
  • 5641183
  • 5785353
  • 5984364
  • 6030000


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