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1099 Copy A Forms

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All types of 1099 Copy A forms in once place make ordering easy. These official, red Copy A forms are filed with the IRS annually.

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  • 1096 Transmittal Forms for filing Copy A with the IRS
  • NEW dateless format for 2022 – fill in the year on each form. Don’t forget to update your software!


Order 1099 Copy A Tax Forms for 2022 - DiscountTaxForms.com

1099 Copy A forms for official IRS filing, all on one page and all at discount prices – no coupon needed.

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1099 Copy A Tax Forms

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1096 Summary & Transmittal Forms

Submit one 1096 Transmittal Form to summarize the batch of Copy A forms for a single payer. 

Laser forms – minimum 25  |   Continuous forms – minimum 1

  • 1096 Form for Summary and Transmittal of 2023 1099 Forms to the IRS by Payers - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1096 Transmittal Forms

  • 1096 Carbonless Continuous Transmittal Forms for 2023 1099 Filing with the IRS, 2-part for pin-fed printers or typewriters - DiscountTaxForms.com

    1096 Transmittal Forms – Carbonless Continuous

1099 Filing Articles

Decoding 1099NEC Copy Requirements

1099-NEC ‘Copies’, or parts, report non-employee compensation to recipients and government agencies and help ensure accuracy of income tax filing. 1099-NEC Forms are filled out by the payer and provided to the recipient and government agency.

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How to E-File 1099 & W2 Forms

It’s easy for businesses to efile 1099 & W2 forms with the right online system! You don’t need special software or technical knowledge, and certainly don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars.

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