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How to Correct a 1099 Form 

You do not need to correct a 1099 the same way you filed it, so if you mailed a paper copy, you can e-file a correction, or vice versa. However, if you have 250 or more corrections that need to be filed, they MUST be e-filed with the IRS. Learn More >

The easiest way to correct a 1099-MISC form is by using our 1099 Filing Hub > You simply enter the corrected information and we e-file with the IRS and generate a correction form that you print in your office.

Instantly Efile a Corrected 1099

Or, you can Order new 1099-MISC forms to file a correction. Simply check the ‘Corrected’ box at the top and mail it to the IRS and the recipient.

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FAQ for 1099-MISC Filing
How to E-file 1099MISC forms

You can e-file 1099MISC forms with the IRS easily! 

Most software that prints 1099MISC forms will also efile for an additional charge.

There are also online systems available, such as DiscountEfile.com, for easy e-filing too. You can enter data manually, or import from your accounting software.

E-file 1099-MISC forms for as low as $1.05 each.

What forms do I need?

You need enough 1099-MISC forms to meet the filing requirements of federal, state and local tax agencies.

Payers must send forms to the IRS, as well as the recipient.

Decoding 1099-MISC form copies

  • Copy A is sent to the Federal government by the payer.
  • Copy B is sent to the Recipient for filing with their federal tax return.
  • Copy 2 is sent to the Recipient for filing with state or local tax returns, or for their files.
  • Copy C is kept by the Payer for their files.

A 3pt form is required for federal filing only.
A 4pt form is required for federal and state filing.
A 5pt form is required for federal, state and local filing.

Don’t forget a 1096 Transmittal form to summarize the data for each payer for the tax year.

What is a 1096 and do I need one if I efile?

1096 Summary & Transmittal forms are required when mailing 1099 Copy A forms to the IRS.

They are automatically generated when e-filing with a system like DiscountEfile.com. A separate paper form is not required.

Print one 1096 form for each payer for a single type of 1099 form. 

If you have multiple types of 1099 forms (MISC, DIV, R, etc.) you must print a separate 1096 form for each.

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Best way to file only a few 1099-MISC?

If you only have a few 1099-MISC forms to file, do it online!

DiscountEfile.com allows you to type in your data, or import it from your accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

Your forms are then automatically e-filed with the IRS and printed and mailed to recipients.

With just a few clicks, you’re done. 

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Blog Posts on 1099-MISC Filing

Decoding 1099-MISC Copy Requirements

1099-MISC ‘Copies’, or parts, report income to recipients and government agencies and help ensure accuracy of income tax filing. They include identical information about the payer and recipient, payments and withholdings, but each copy is given to a different entity. 1099-MISC Forms are filled out by the payer and provided to the recipient or a government agency.

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