E-Filing Bundle Package – Efile + Print & Mail


Buy a Bundle of 1099 & W2 Filings 

Get a bulk quantity discount when submitting 1099 & W2 forms for filing, even in small batches.

Typically on the DiscountEfile.com system, the price you pay is determined by the number of forms in your cart when you submit them.

If you file forms in small batches, you don’t get the same price break if you filed them all together. This package changes that!

When you prebuy this bundle of e-filing + print and mail services, you’ll receive a unique code to enter in your DiscountEfile.com account. As you file throughout the season, forms are charged against it, at the quantity break based on this purchase.

Save money, reduce labor costs and make year-end filing more efficient!

See below for a price chart.

Prebuy E-File, Print + Mail Filings on Discount Efile – Select number of total 1099 and W2 filings needed for 2023 tax year. 


Order a Packaged Bundle of 1099 & W2 Filings Online

Includes Efiling Copy A with the IRS or SSA, plus printing & mailing of recipient copies.

Get everything done in one simple step and reduce your labor costs!

Efile4Biz and Discount Efile Prebuy Bundle of 1099 & W2 Filings for Businesses - DiscountTaxForms.com

We’ve partnered with Efile4Biz to take simple 1099 & W2 E-filing to the next level for 2023.

While we’ve always worked together to deliver easy online 1099 & W2 filing solutions, we’ve taken that to the next level with new programs, new features and even more efficiency due to the new e-filing requirements for 2023.

What is Discount Efile?

DiscountEfile.com is a partnership between Discount Tax Forms and the leading efile service provider in the country, Efile4Biz. We’ve teamed up to offer businesses a comprehensive, secure, simple-to-use system for year-end 1099 & W2 filing.

More on DiscountEfile.com

How Does Online Filing it Work?

Simply input or import your data, double check it and submit your filings. We’ll take care of everything else, including secure e-filing of the Federal copies with the IRS or SSA, and printing and mailing recipient copies for you.

It’s easy and requires so much less manual labor. No forms, envelopes or software to buy – use Discount Efile!

What is the 1099 & W2 Filing Package?

This package is a bundle of pre-paid filings, including e-file +  print + mail services. You order a bundle equal to the number of recipients you will need to file for in the 2023 tax year, including both 1099 and W2 forms.

The package guarantees that you will receive the lower, quantity break pricing, even if you file forms individually or in smaller groups.

It’s great for accountants who file smaller batches for clients, or larger businesses that have a team working on filings. Or consider our Premium subscription plans that offer many more efficiency-focused features for accountants or larger businesses.

How it Works

Traditionally, the Discount Efile system charges you for each form filed in each batch, so if you are filing a larger volume of forms in smaller groups, you don’t get the larger price break. But this bundle changes that!

You will receive a unique code that you will enter on your DiscountEfile.com account. Each time you submit a form, it will be charged against the total number of filing credits on your account. So you always get the lower quantity break price.

Simply set up a free account at DiscountEfile.com to start, and add your unique code to your account. You can set up all of your payer and payee data for free and get everything set for filing. When you are ready to submit your forms, they will ‘charge against’ the credits on your account.

Forms Included

The Discount Efile system allows you to file all of the most common 1099 & W2 forms online, including:

1099 Forms: NEC, MISC, INT, R, S, DIV, C, B and 1098, 1098T forms
W2 Forms

The credits you receive with this package cannot be used for state filings, corrections or 1095 filing. 

Prebuy forms package for the 2023 tax year only, valid only from November 1, 2023 – October 31, 2024 and cannot be transferred from year to year.

Cost for 1099 & W2 efile, print and mail services in 2023 - DiscountTaxForms.com


You can purchase a bundle of filings in certain quantities only.

There is a minimum bundle purchase of 26 filings, with breaks happening at multiple of 25, up to 500 filings. If you need more than 500 filings, please call us at 877-824-2458 for special pricing. 

You will be charged the total price for the bundle.

Select a total quantity above to see the package price. 



The Fine Print

Credits are valid and can be used only from November 1, 2023 – October 31, 2024. Filing credits cannot be transferred to future tax years. 

Filing credits cannot be used for state filings, correction filing or ACA 1095 forms. 

Credits are non-refundable.