10×13 First Class Mail Envelope with Alternate Double Windows

Double Window 10 x 13 First Class Mail Envelopes for Easy, Official Mailing

Deliver large tax returns or important documents in this 10×13 first class mail envelope.

The cellophane windows show a cover sheet with in the preferred layout of the USPS.

Minimum of 50 / Multiples of 50.


Product Details

Large, 10 x 13 First Class Mail Envelopes

These large envelopes feature 2 windows in the ‘alternate’ position for more accurate mailing through the USPS.

Size: 10 x 13 inches
Seal: Self-Seal or Moisture Seal (they are no longer peel-and-stick style)
Windows: Double Window, Alternate Format

Top Window Size: 2-1/8″ x 5″
Top Window From Left Side: 1-7/16″
Top Window From Bottom: 6-3/4″
Bottom Window Size: 2-1/8″ x 5-1/4
Bottom Window From Left Side: 4-11/16″


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