CCH Prosystem® Compatible Folders & Envelopes

Window tax folders and envelopes compatible with CCH ProSystem software.

  • Up to 50% off stock tax folders
  • Heavy folder stock is ultra-professional
  • Windows align with cover sheets printed from CCH ProSystem software.

CCH ProSystemfx compatible window tax folders and envelopes are professional and affordable. Enhance your brand and make document delivery easy with The Tax Form Gals!

CCH Prosystemfx Compatible Window Folders

  • Tax Software Folder with Alternate Windows for UltraTax, Creative Solutions, ATX, CCH, Prosystemfx software -

    Alternate Small Window Tax Folders

  • CCH Prosystem Tax Folders with Windows in Burgundy Red -

    Alternate, Large Window Tax Folders

CCH Prosystemfx Compatible Window Envelopes

  • Expanding First Class Mail Envelope with Alternate Windows Tyvek. Compatible with Creative Solutions, UltraTax, ATX, CCH and Prosystem software.

    Expanding Envelope with Alternate Windows – Tyvek

  • Fist Class Mail Envelope, also compatible with CCH Prosystem software - Discount Tax Forms

    First Class Mail Envelope with Offset Windows