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Landscaping Company Guide to Filing W2 and 1099 Forms

Filing 1099 and W2 Foms for your Landscaping company is a big job. It can be a challenge to get forms filed correctly by the deadline with both 1099 contractors and W-2 employees.

Use this guide to help you choose the right way to file, order the right forms for your software and get everything done on time, quickly and easily.

Included in this Guide to Filing 1099 & W-2 Forms
- Changes to 1099 and W-2 for 2016
- Options for Filing
- Selecting the Right Forms
- Filing Deadlines for 1099s and W-2s
- Order Forms, Software or Online Filing

W-2 CHANGES for 2017

DUE DATES for W2 Copy A changed last year. The due date for filing 2017 Forms W-2, W-2AS, W-2CM, W-2GU, W-2VI, W-3 and W-3SS with the SSA is now January 31, 2087, whether you file using paper forms or electronically.

There are minor verbiage changes to the W2 forms, but no major changes.

Official W2 Instructions for 2017

Landscaping Company's Guide to Filing 1099 & W-2 Forms

Landscaping Company's Guide to
Filing 1099 & W-2 Forms

1099-MISC CHANGES for 2017

The deadline for 1099MISC Copy A when Box 7 is used changed last year. Public Law 114-113, Division Q, section 201, requires Form 1099-MISC to be filed on or before January 31, 2018, when you are reporting nonemployee compensation payments in box 7. Otherwise, file by February 28, 2018, if you file on paper, or by March 31, 2018, if you file electronically. The due dates for furnishing payee statements remain the same.

Official 1099-MISC Instructions for 2017

Other 1099 Form Changes

1042-S Forms: Boxes 13e thru 17c have been reformatted.

1098 Forms: Changed from a 3up form to a 2up form, verbiage has been updated.

1099-OID Forms: Boxes have been repositioned and verbiage has changed.

1099-S Forms: Some boxes have been reformatted and verbiage has been updated.

ACA Forms: No forms have been approved as of August 2017. Stay tuned for updates.


1099 and W-2 forms for accounting software such as QuickBooksYour Accounting Software

For accounting software systems that print 1099 and W2 forms, purchase compatible forms and envelopes. The program will easily summarize all of the data and print recipient and government copies.

It is important to purchase forms that match the layout used in your software.

Specialized 1099 / W-2 Software

If your accounting software lacks the forms or functionality you need, specialized 1099 & W-2 software is available. Import data from your accounting software or manually enter it and print all the forms you need. E-filing is also typically available in these programs.

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Online 1099 & W-2 Filing

The newest, and easiest way to file 50 or fewer 1099 or W-2 Forms! Online filing will print forms for you and mail to recipients. It will also e-file with Federal and State Governments.

You simply type in the data or import it from your accounting software. The online filing system will do the rest!

Learn more about Online Filing of 1099 and W2 >

REMEMBER! E-filing is required for 250 or more forms,
but you can e-file as few as one.

1099 & W-2 FORMS

Various software programs use different formats for printing 1099 & W-2 Forms.

Preprinted 1099 & W-2 Forms

Preprinted 1099 & W-2 FormsForms preprinted with boxes on front and recipient instructions on back.

Use with software prints the data in the boxes.

Shop for Preprinted 1099 Forms

Shop for Preprinted W2 Forms

Blank 1099 and W2 Forms

Blank 1099 and W2 Form PaperBlank 1099 and W2 forms perforated and some have recipient instructions printed on the back.

Use with software that prints the form data and boxes.

Shop for Blank 1099 Forms

Shop for Blank W2 Forms

Select the Right 1099 Forms

1] Which 1099 Form to Use

1099-MISC is the most common for Landscaping Companies. 1099 MISC for Construction Company Contractors These are the forms to use for subcontractors and consultants.
You are required to file a 1099-MISC when $600 or more in payments have been made to contractors.

Read more about 1099-MISC requirements >

There are many other 1099s for other reporting circumstances. Click for a complete list of all the types of 1099 Forms and their uses.

2] Number of Parts

1099 Forms and Envelopes for Contractors on DiscountTaxForms.comThe number of parts you need is based on where you need to file - Federal Only, State or City.
1099-MISC Parts Required:

Copy A: Federal Copy for filing with the IRS

Copy B: Recipient Copy

Copy C: Payer Copy

Copy D/1/2: State and local filing

3] Type of Forms

If your software will print only the recipient and payer data , use preprinted 1099 forms

If your software will print the data and the boxes for the form, purchase blank 1099 forms

If you are using a typewriter, purchase pin-fed, continuous 1099 forms.

If you use Quickbooks,
read our blog post:

How to Print 1099 Forms from QuickBooks

1099 State Requirements

3-Part States:


4-Part States:


Read more about
1099 Copy Requirements

Don’t forget 1099 Envelopes.

Order compatible envelopes to
ensure mailing information aligns
correctly in the windows.

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Order 1096 Transmittal Forms
When mailing Copy A forms to the IRS, include one 1096 form for each payer.

Buy 1096 Forms>

To easily file 50 or less forms, Online Filing could be great option! Visit for more information.

Selecting the Right W-2 Forms

Ordering the right W-2 Forms is vital to easy printing and on-time mailing of Form W2.

The key factors:

1] Government Requirements

The number of W-2 Form parts needed corresponds to the government agencies that you are reporting to.
  • Federal Only – 4 parts
  • Federal and State – 6 parts
  • Federal, State and City/Local – 8 parts

Read More: Decoding W-2 Copy Requirements>

2] Software Functionality

Your software will either print:

** The layout of the forms may vary depending on your software.

  • All Government Forms must be printed in Official 2up layout
  • Employee copies may be printed in 2up, 3up or 4up layout. If your software supports ‘Condensed 2up, 3up or 4up Forms’, all of the copies for a single employee will print on one page. You simply fold it and mail. Figuring out which version to use is easy:

4pt – use 2up form

6pt – use 3up form

8pt – use 4up form

Read more about the types of W2 Forms >

For easy filing of less than 50 W2 forms, an online system is a better option than printing forms. Enter data online and we do the work for you for only $3.95 per form. Visit for more information.

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How to Print W-2 Forms in Quickbooks - Blog: 1099-W2.infoQuickBooks Users:
Read our blog post on
Howto PrintW-2 Forms from QuickBooks

Don’t forget W-2 Envelopes!
Compatible envelopes ensure mailing addresses align correctly in windows.

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Order W-3 Transmittal Forms
to mail Copy A forms to the SSA.

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W-2 Blank Forms

2up W-2 Form
for 4-part Copies

W-2 Blank Forms - 3up

3up W-2 form
for 6-part Employee Copies

W-2 Blank Paper Forms 4up

4up W-2 Form
for 8-part Employee Copies

2016 Deadlines for 1099 & W-2 Forms

Federal Deadlines

January 31, 2017

Recipient Copies Postmarked

1099 Recipient Copies B / C / 2 mailed to recipient

W-2 Employee Copies B/ C / 2 mailed to individuals

NEW!!! W-2 Copy A forms must be filed with the SSA/IRS by January 31. This includes paper copies and e-filing.

February 28, 2017

Paper forms filed with the government

1099 Form Copy A, along with 1096 Transmittals, mailed to the IRS

March 31, 2017

E-filed forms with the government

1099 Forms E-filed to the IRS

1099 & W-2 Filing Deadlines for Federal and States in 2014State Deadlines

Most states have the same deadlines as the Federal Copies.

However, some require additional reconciliation forms, which vary by state.
Contact your state and refer to their requirements for details.

Most states accept E-filed 1099s and W-2s.

1099 & W2 Filing Information for Small Businesses
Click to visit our blog on
1099 & W-2 Filing for
Small Business >

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Buy Specialized 1099 & W-2 Software

When your accounting software won't do the 1099 or W2 forms you need,
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