Correction W2

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  • W2-C Forms for Corrections to W2 Forms Already Filed -

    W2 Correction Forms – Copy C-2, Employee State/City or File

  • W2C Envelopes for W2 Correction Form Mailing to Employees, 2 Windows, Security Tint, "Important Tax Return Documents Enclosed" Printed on Front -

    W2-C Envelopes

  • W2C Correction Tax form for W2 forms with errors after filing -

    W2C Correction Forms – Copy 1/D, Employer State, City

  • W2C Correction Tax Forms or Online W2C Correction Filing -

    W2C Correction Forms – Copy A, Employer Federal

  • W2C Correction Tax Form for Employee, Copy B W2-C form -

    W2C Correction Forms – Copy B, Employee Federal

  • W3C Transmittal for W2C Correction Filing -

    W3C Correction Forms – Summary