1099-OID Form – Copy C State or Payer

1099OID Forms for Payers or State

1099-OID tax forms are used to report Original Issue Discount to the IRS.

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Use this Copy C 1099OID form as the Payer copy for their files, or for filing with the State.

This product is out of stock for the 2021 tax season. 

Minimum Quantity 25 / Multiples of 25

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1099OID Tax Forms Copy C for the Payer or State

Use 1099OID tax forms to report Original Issue Discount to a State.

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1099OID forms are for a special type of interest from certain bonds that were issued at a price less than the value you can redeem them for once the bond matures. It is issued if a payee needs to report the amount as part of their income.

The Copy C form is interchangeable for use as the State or Payer copy.

1099OID Copy C Specs:

  • Laser sheet
  • 2-up perforated
  • 8-1/2″ x 11″ with side perforation to detach before mailing

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