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1099 & W2 Efile Options

E-filing W-2 and 1099 info, instead of printing Copy A forms is encouraged for all businesses. It’s easy to do and will save you time and printing expenses. However, if you have 250 or more employees, or 250 or more of the same type of 1099 form, you must e-file the government copy.

Best 2 ways to e-file 1099 and W-2 forms 

E-filing Software

Accounting Software

Specialized 1099 & W-2 software

  • Many office stores have simple 1099 & W-2 processing software that will e-file and print recipient forms
  • Our 1099 & W-2 software is easy to use and comes with the forms and envelopes you need to get everything done quickly and affordably

E-file Online

Private systems

There are many websites that will e-file with the IRS and SSA. Many will also print your employee copies, or let you print them easily in your office. A simple Google search will find them. Our 1099 & W-2 E-file system is trusted by thousands of businesses.

Government systems

You can e-file W-2s on the official SAA site, but still need to figure out how to print employee copies in your office using software or typing forms.

IRS E-filing with the FIRE system for 1099s online; print recipient copies using software or typing forms


Important 1099 & W-2 E-filing Information


You Still Need to Print Employee Copies

You must print employee/recipient copies and mail to them in addition to e-filing with the government.

Your accounting software should do this for you, and most of the private online e-filing services will do this as well. Some will even let you print them in your office. Don’t forget that you’re also required to supply instructions with the forms. Order official blank 1099 forms or blank W-2 paper>

Our 1099 & W-2 E-file service is used by thousands of business across the country >