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1099 & W2 Form Changes for 2017

New Compliance Regulations You Must Know About.

There are a few minor changes to some 1099 & W2 Forms. **REMEMBER** Due dates are now January 31 for W2 Copy A and 1099-MISC Copy A, for paper forms and e-filing.

W-2 CHANGES for 2017

DUE DATES for W2 Copy A The due date for filing 2017 Forms W-2, W-2AS, W-2CM, W-2GU, W-2VI, W-3 and W-3SS with the SSA is now January 31, 2018, whether you file using paper forms or electronically.

There are minor verbiage changes to the W2 forms, but no major changes.

Official W2 Instructions for 2017

1099-MISC CHANGES for 2017

Due Dates for 1099MISC Copy A when Box 7 is used for contractors with non-employee compensation. Public Law 114-113, Division Q, section 201, requires Form 1099-MISC to be filed on or before January 31, 2018, when you are reporting non-employee compensation payments in box 7. Otherwise, file by February 28, 2018, if you file on paper, or by March 31, 2087, if you file electronically. The due dates for furnishing payee statements remain the same.

Official 1099-MISC Instructions for 2017

Other 1099 Form Changes

1042-S Forms: Boxes 13e thru 17c have been reformatted.

1098 Forms: Changed from a 3up form to a 2up form, verbiage has been updated.

1099-OID Forms: Boxes have been repositioned and verbiage has changed.

1099-S Forms: Some boxes have been reformatted and verbiage has been updated.

ACA Forms: No forms have been approved as of August 2017. Stay tuned for updates.

W2 & 1099MISC Copy A Due Date is January 31, 2018 for the 2017 tax year.

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