1099-R Blank Paper 4up

Official 1099-R Blank 4up Form Paper

Item# LR4BL

Use this blank, 1099R perforated paper to quickly print four copies for single recipient on one sheet.

Instructions for the 1099-R Recipient are printed on the backer.

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Product Details

Blank 1099R Paper 4up Perforated

Print 4 forms for a single recipient, on one sheet of paper with software that generates the entire form and data in a single printer pass.

Official 1099-R instructions are preprinted on the back.

This form is perforated into quadrants, with 1 form in each corner, creating 4 total forms.

  • 4-up format
  • 8.5″x 11″
  • 20# laser paper

Order a quantity equal to the number of recipients you have.

Item# LR4BL

Order Compatible Envelopes

Compatible with these software programs:

  • Peachtree Software
  • Creative Solutions UltraTax
  • ATX Software
  • TaxWise Software
  • Shelby Software

E-filing Thresholds are Changing Drastically!

In an effort to modernize the department and serve taxpayers better, the Department of Treasury has implemented major changes in requirements for businesses to e-file 1099 & W2 forms.

As part of the Taxpayer First Act, many businesses will no longer be able to submit paper forms. One of the main changes of the act is the lowering of the threshold of information returns in order to be required to e-file.

The following filing thresholds below will be enforced in the upcoming calendar years:

2021: Companies with 10+ Forms Must E-File

2021: Partnerships with 50+ Forms Must E-File

The act also requires that all partnerships with more than 10 partners file on magnetic media. Partnerships for IRS purposes are small businesses with 2 or more owners that are not classified as sole proprietorships or corporations.

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