W3C Transmittal Forms – Carbonless Continuous Multi-Part

W3C Correction Transmittal Forms in Carbonless, Continuous Format

Use Form W3C for corrections to the information already filed on W2 & W3 forms with the SSA. 

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This carbonless, continuous W3C form has 2-parts – 1 for the SSA (red scannable) and 1 for the employers file (black). Mail the red copy to the SSA to summarize a batch of W2C Correction Copy A forms from a single employer.

Use it on a typewriter or pin-fed printer and complete all the forms you need in one pass!

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Minimum quantity of 1 – $0.56 each

W3C Transmittal Correction Tax Forms – Carbonless Continuous Format

Form W3C is used to correct information filed on an original W3 form, and is mailed to the SSA with a batch of W2C correction forms for a single employer.

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Order a quantity equal to the number of employers for which you need to file batches of corrected W2 forms.

W3C Carbonless Form Specs:

  • 1up forms
  • 8.5″ x 11″ sheet with pin-fed side perforations
  • 2-parts: W3C for the SSA (red scannable) and a black copy for the employer’s files


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