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easy 1099 & W2 filing.

3 Ways to Make Printing 1099 & W2 Easier

Error check data before printing 1099 and W-2 Forms

easy 1099 and W2 printing

Eliminate reprinting correction forms and possible fines or penalties

  • Most 1099 & W2 software gives you an easy way to do this, including QuickBooks
  • Recipient data is complete and correct
  • Amounts appear in the right boxes
  • The correct retirement option is marked in W-2 Box 13
  • TIN numbers are correct for 1099s


Select the right 1099 & W-2 forms

Ensure that data aligns properly and that forms are compatible with your software.

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1099 and W2 filing is easier when you choose the right methodChoose the best 1099/W2 filing method for the number of forms you have

  • 1-49 Forms – Online 1099 & W2 systems are ideal for printing only a few forms, most will e-file too. Manually enter the data or import it from your accounting software.
  • 50+ Forms – Many accounting packages print 1099 and W2 forms, or use stand-alone software designed specifically for payroll reporting.
  • 250+ Forms – E-filing is required and most accounting software systems can handle it
  • Large volume printing is best done with pressure seal forms