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How to File W-2 Forms with QuickBooks®

QuickBooks W-2 Forms Printing Instructions

Blank Perforated W-2 Paper

  • QuickBooks Payroll only
  • The form’s boxes, labels and instructions, along with wage data print in one pass on your printer
  • The IRS requires that W-2 forms can be easily separated by the employee. Therefore, we recommend using official, blank perforated W-2 paper. Order paper with instructions preprinted on the back to save time and money printing the required instructions. Regular office copy paper is not recommended.
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Preprinted W-2 forms

  • All versions of QuickBooks
  • The boxes, labels and instructions are preprinted on the front of the form, and the employee instructions on the back. QuickBooks will print only the wage and tax data. Therefore, it is essential that the W-2 forms are compatible with your software. A W-2 Traditional Format will be compatible with virtually all software. Oddly enough, the forms provided by the IRS/SSA are not compatible with any software.
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To Review and Print Employee W-2 Forms in QuickBooks

  1. Open the Payroll Tax Form window
  2. On the Employees menu, select Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s
  3. Click Process Payroll Forms
  4. Select Federal Form and then OK
  5. Fill out the Year field and then OK
  6. Select an Employee and then Review/Edit
  7. Print Form
  8. On the For Employers menu, select Employer Filing Instructions W-2 & W-3
  9. Print and follow the instructions for filing


E-file W-2 Forms from QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks Payroll Subscriptions only
  • E-file W-2 Copy A Forms to the SSA is required for 250 or more employees, but encouraged for all employers

How to E-file W-2s in QuickBooks:

  1. Open the Payroll Tax Form window
  2. On the Employees menu, select Payroll Forms
  3. Process Payroll Forms
  4. Select Federal Form or State Form and then OK
  5. If you’re printing W-2 Employee copies, you can set them up at this point too and print them later in the process
  6. From the Payroll Tax Form window, review the data for accuracy
  7. Submit Form, in the dialog window, select E-file, or E-file Federal Form (a W-3 form is not required when e-filing)
  8. Enter your agency log-in information (credentials given to e-filers from the Federal or State Governments)
  9. Submit
  10. Review the information in the E-File Confirmation window
  11. Print copies if desired for Employees or Employer records

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