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How to File1099-MISC Forms with QuickBooks®

QuickBooks 1099-MISC Form Printing Instructions

  1. From the Vendors menu, select 1099s/1096
  2. Review 1099 Vendors: Run Report to ensure vendors are set up correctly for 1099 printing
  3. Set up 1099 account mapping: Map Accounts and use the dialog window for Preferences to map accounts to the boxes on the 1099 Forms
  4. Review 1099 Data: Run Report to review and correct data
  5. Print 1099 Forms: Print to print 1099-MISC and 1096 Forms*
  • We suggest printing 1 test form first, to ensure proper data alignment in the boxes.
  • From the main File menu, select Print Set Up, then 1099/1096
  • In the set-up window, Align and then Print Sample
  • In the print window, Preview
  • Use the alignment grid in the upper corner to better align data with boxes using negative or positive numbers in the Vertical and Horizontal Offset fields
  • Print Sample in the alignment window, then Preview and Print to view the adjusted alignment
  • Repeat the previous 2 steps until data aligns correctly

*The IRS does NOT accept Copy A forms laser generated with blank paper and black ink. 1099-MISC Copy A MUST be filed on red scannable forms or e-filed.

  1. From the File menu, select Print Forms, and then 1099/1096
  2. On the Printing 1099s/1096 window, enter the date range for payments you want displayed on the forms
  3. Select each vendor you want to print forms for, then Print 1099
    1. You can only print 249 forms for one vendor. If you have more forms, you must e-file 1099-MISC
  4. Load a batch of one type of 1099-MISC forms for QuickBooks into printer (i.e., all of 1099-MISC Copy A. Print each as a batch, instead of individual vendor copies separately) Order 1099-MISC Forms for QuickBooks >
  5. Click Print, and then Preview
  6. Use the arrows in the top right corner to switch to different forms in the batch
  7. From the File menu, click Print


Print 1096 Forms from QuickBooks

  1. Insert 1096 Transmittal Forms into the printer
  2. In the File menu, select 1099s/1096
  3. From the dialog window, select the date range to print forms for
  4. Select vendors for printing
  5. Print 1096

Order QuickBooks 1099-MISC Forms >


How to E-file 1099-MISC with QuickBooks

QuickBooks has a separate, stand-alone system for e-filing 1099 forms. You can find more info about it on their website. But 1099-MISC e-file service, gives you more options at a better price.