QuickBooks W2 Forms Set – Preprinted Forms

Official W2 Tax Forms Set Compatible with Intuit® QuickBooks® Software.

100% Compatible QuickBooks W2 Tax Forms Set with Employer and Employee Copies. Includes everything you need to file, in one convenient set.

Order as few as 10 sets and get big discounts on larger quantities!

These Official W-2 Forms have 2 of the same form on each sheet and are compatible with QuickBooks for easy W2 printing.

Choose the number of parts based on your filing requirements:

  • 4pt (federal only filing)
  • 6pt (federal and state)
  • 8pt (federal, state and city)
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Quantity = number of employees
Minimum of 10 / multiples of 10.

W-2 Tax Forms Set Compatible with Intuit® QuickBooks® Software.

Convenient set of QuickBooks compatible, pre-printed W2 forms in the official, 2up format, 100% guaranteed compatible with Intuit® QuickBooks software. 

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Everything you need to print W2 forms to employees is included, along with employer copies and the red scannable form for the SSA.

QuickBooks Compatible W2 Form Set Specs:

W2 Forms sets for QuickBooks contain all the employer and employee tax forms you need to meet your specific filing requirements.

Choose 4-part (federal only), 6-part (federal and state) or 8-part (federal, state and local) W2 form sets, which include: 

  • Copy A – Employer Federal
  • Copy 1-D – Employer State / File (x2 for 8-part sets)
  • Copy B – Employee Federal
  • Copy C-2 – Employee State / File (x2 for 8-part sets)
  • One W-3 Transmittal form

These forms are the Official W-2 Format, with 2 of the same form on each sheet. Order a quantity equal to the number of employees you have.

If you need to mail the employee W2 copies, order compatible W2 envelopes or purchase W2 sets with envelopes


Looking for an easier way to file W2 forms?

Let us do it for you with DiscountEfile.com! You enter or import data from QuickBooks and we’ll do the rest. Your W2s will be securely e-filed with the SSA and employee copies will be printed and mailed to them automatically. Set up a free account and don’t pay anything until you file the forms! 

Online W2 Filing


QuickBooks W2 Tax Form Parts:

Choose the number of parts based on your filing requirements, and order a quantity equal to the number of employees to file for.

  • 4pt (federal only filing)
  • 6pt (federal and state) 
  • 8pt (federal, state and city) 

W-2 Copies and Requirements Table

Click the “How to Choose the Right W2 Forms” tab above to learn more about which forms are right for your business.



The IRS is currently CONSIDERING a change to the e-filing threshold for 1099 & W2 forms. It is currently 250+ forms, but COULD change to 100+. Stay tuned to Discount Tax Forms and the Official IRS 1099 Instructions for developments.

If you need to efile, check with your software provider or use our online service, DiscountEfile.com to get it all done easily. We can even print and mail recipient copies for you!

Efile W2 Forms

Number of W-2 Parts

4-part (federal forms only), 6-part (federal and state), 8-part (federal, state and city)

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