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If you have used 1099MISC forms to report payments to contractors, freelancers or any type of nonemployee compensation (using Box 7), you need to change to the new 1099NEC forms for 2020. 


If you file 100 or more 1099 forms, you MUST E-FILE with the IRS in 2020.

This changes again next year, when anyone filing 10+ forms is required to efile. 


Instead of hassling with new forms, wondering if your software meets the new requirements – make the switch to online filing this year. is super simple and secure. Easily import data from QuickBooks and have us do the rest!
We’ll print and mail recipient copies and e-file with the IRS for one low price. 

Online 1099 Filing Solutions for 2020


The 1099NEC Form is new for 2020.

It is used to report non-employee compensation that was previously reported in Box 7 of 1099-MISC form. 


Forms must be mailed to recipients by January 31.

They must also be mailed or e-filed with the IRS by Jan. 31, 2020.


Businesses required to report payments of $600 to contractors, freelancers, attorneys and more.

If you have used a 1099-MISC form in the past to do this, use the 1099-NEC for 2020.


E-filing thresholds have also changed for 2020.

If you file 100+ forms, you must efile. (It used to be 250+)

That will also change again in 2021, with e-file required for 10+ forms per payer.

1099-NEC or 1099-MISC?

The IRS will require that businesses use Form 1099-NEC to report non-employee compensation in 2020.

Using the 1099MISC form to report payments to contractors may result in a penalty.

The new 1099NEC form replaces the 1099-MISC for reporting nonemployee compensation (Box 7), shifting the role of the 1099-MISC for reporting all other types of compensation.

The overall process for reporting nonemployee compensation is changing drastically for the 2020 tax year. We’ve compiled the essential details regarding the changes, so you know what to expect and how to handle each of the forms to avoid penalties.

1099 Forms for Padgett Software

  • 1099NEC Tax Form Copy A for Federal Payer -

    1099-NEC Form – Copy A Federal

  • 1099NEC Tax Form Copy B for Recipients - Report Non-Employee Compensation for Freelancers, Contractors, Attorneys -

    1099-NEC Form – Copy B Recipient

  • 1099NEC Tax Forms Copy C-2 for Payer State or File -

    1099-NEC Form – Copy C-2 Payer

  • 1099-NEC Tax Forms and Envelopes for 2021 Reporting of Non-Employee Compensation -

    1099-NEC Forms Set with Envelopes

  • 1099-NEC Tax Form Sets for Non-Employee Compensation 2021 -

    1099-NEC Forms Set

  • 1099NEC Blank Perforated Paper for Printing 1099NEC forms in 2021 -

    1099NEC Blank Paper 3up – With Instructions

  • 1099-DIV Tax Forms Envelopes Set for Dividends and Distribution Income -

    1099-DIV Forms Set with Envelopes

  • 1099-MISC Tax Forms Envelopes Set 3-, 4-, 5-part Official 1099 Forms for Miscellaneous Income Reporting -

    1099-MISC Forms Set with Envelopes

  • 1099-MISC Tax Forms Copy C-2 for Payer State and Files -

    1099-MISC Form – Copy C-2 Payer/State

  • 1099-MISC Tax Form Copy B for recipient -

    1099-MISC Form – Copy B Recipient

  • 1099-MISC Forms Copy A for Federal IRS Filing, Red Scannable -

    1099-MISC Form – Copy A Federal

  • 1099-DIV Tax Forms, Payer Copy C, Use for reporting dividends and distributions income -

    1099-DIV Form – Copy C Payer

  • 1099-DIV Tax Forms, Copy B for Recipient for Reporting Dividends and Distributions -

    1099-DIV Form – Copy B Recipient

  • 1099-DIV Tax Forms, Copy A for Dividends and Distributions Reporting to the IRS -

    1099-DIV Form – Copy A Federal

  • 1099-MISC Tax Forms Set 3-, 4-, 5-part Official 1099 Forms for Miscellaneous Income Reporting -

    1099-MISC Forms Set

  • 1099-DIV Tax Forms Set for Dividends and Distribution Income Reporting to the IRS -

    1099-DIV Forms Set

  • 1099 Envelope 2up with Self-Seal Flap for 1099MISC and 2up 1099 Forms -

    1099 Envelope – 2up

  • Blank 2up 1099 Perforated Paper for printing 1099 tax forms -

    1099 Blank Paper – 2up without Instructions

  • 1099-MISC Blank Perforated Form Paper 2up -

    1099 Blank Paper – 2up with 1099MISC Instructions

  • 1096 Forms for Summary and Transmittal of 1099 forms to the IRS -

    1096 Transmittal Forms

W2 Forms
  • Blank W2 Form Paper 4up L4BL -

    Blank W2 Form Paper – 4up V1

  • W2 Envelopes for 4up Quadrant W2 Forms DW4 - Discount Tax Forms

    W2 Envelope – 4up V1

  • W-2 Tax Form Copy A for Federal SSA Filing by an Employer - E-filing is now required for 10+ forms -

    W2 Forms – Copy A, Employer Federal

  • Blank W2 Form Paper – 2up

  • W3 Transmittal Forms for W2 Form Filing with the IRS, LW3 -

    W3 Transmittal Forms

Resources for Easy Filing


Small Business Guide to Filing 1099 & W-2 Forms.

Whether you need to file W2s for employees, or 1099-MISC for contractors, we can help! 

Use this guide to understand how to file, when to file and the best forms, software and solutions for you.

Guide for Small Business


1099 & W-2 Filing Guides

  • 2019 Guide to 1099 and W2 Filing Resources -

    1099 & W2 Resource Guide

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