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1099-MISC Forms Set 3pt - Preprinted Forms with Self-Seal Envelopes
1099-MISC Kit with Envelopes

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Everything you need to print and mail 1099-MISC Forms for 20 recipients or fewer in one pre-assembled set. Print each copy as a batch. Mail Copy A to the IRS in a batch and mail recipient copies directly to that individual.

Use 1099-MISC forms to report miscellaneous payments of $600 or more to an individual who is not an employee. Most commonly used for contractors and freelancers.

This kit is for a 3-part 1099-MISC form, for Federal filing and File copies. QuickBooks compatible!

3-pt 1099-MISC Form Set includes:
  • Payer Federal Copy A (Official red scannable form with 1/2" side perforation)
  • Recipient Federal Copy B (no side perforation)
  • Payer File Copy C (no side perforation)
  • Three 1096 Transmittal forms
  • Self seal envelopes

Product Code: 95903ES

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A 1099-MISC set for 20 or fewer recipients. 3pt for Federal filing and a File copy. Includes 1096 Transmittals and self-seal envelopes. QuickBooks compatible.

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