Condensed W2 Forms Official

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  • W2 3up forms for employee copies B/C/2 - Discount Tax Forms

    3up W2 Forms – Copies B/2/C, Employee

  • W2 Forms 4up Copies B-C-2-2 for employees -

    4up W2 Forms – V1 Quadrant – Copies B/C/2/2 Employee

  • W2 4up Forms for Employee Copies B, C, 2, 2 for federal, state and local filing -

    4up W2 Forms – V2 Horizontal – Copies B/C/2/2 for Employee

  • W2 Form Copy 1-D Employer State Local File - Discount Tax Forms

    Condensed W2 Forms – Copies 1/D, Employer

  • Condensed W2 Forms – Copy 1/D, Employer

  • 2up W2 Form with Employee Copies B & 2, Federal and File copies. Discount Tax Forms

    W2 Forms – Copies B/C, Employee Federal/File

  • W2 Forms – Copies B/C/2/2 for Employee – Ver. A