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QuickBooks W-2 Forms

Quickbooks W2 Forms Preprinted Official W-2 Tax FormsPreprinted W-2 Forms for Quickbooks

Guaranteed Compatible for Easy Printing!

Print variable data in the preprinted boxes - Quickbooks' W2 data will align perfectly, guaranteed.

2up forms - print 2 different employees on a page, then separate and collate forms for mailing to employees.

Want a simpler way? Use blank W2 form paper in 3up or 4up formats.

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Quickbooks W2 Forms Federal Copy A Employer - QuickBooks W-2 Forms Federal Copy B for Employee  - Quickbooks W-2 Copy 2 Employee State & City - QuickBooks W-2 Copy C for Employee File  -
W-2 Copy A Official, red-scannable form for filing with the IRS

DUE DATE is Jan 31 for mailing to IRS or e-filing.
W-2 Copy B forms for employees to submit with their federal tax return.
W-2 form Copy 2 for employee to file with state and/or city tax return.
W-2 form Copy C to print a file copy for the employee's own records.
QuickBooks W-2 Copy D/1 for Employer State/City - Quickbooks W3 Transmittal Forms for W-2 Copy A W-2 Form Set 6 Pt for QuickBooks, including preprinted forms and envelopes for Federal and State W-2 Filing for employees and employers W-2 Form Set 8Pt for QuickBooks with Preprinted Forms and Envelopes for Federal, State and City W-2 Filing for employees
W-2 Copy 1/D is sent by the employer to a state or city, or used for a file copy.
W-3 Transmittal Forms
A kit for 6-part W-2 forms with preprinted forms, W-3 and moisture seal envelopes.
A kit for 8-part W-2 forms, with preprinted forms, a W-3 and moisture seal envelopes.

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