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1098 3pt carbonless 1099-G 4-part NCR 1099-INT 4-part Carbonless 1099-PATR 4-part Carbonless
1098 3pt carbonless Proceeds From Broker Transactions. 4-part carbonless form. Payments of Interest Income. 4-part carbonless form. Taxable Distributions From Cooperatives. 4-part carbonless form.
1099DIV 4-pt Carbonless 1099MISC 4-pt Carbonless 1099MISC 3-pt Carbonless 1099MISC 5pt Carbonless
Dividends and Capital Gains. 4-part carbonless form. Miscellaneous Payments of $600 or more. 4-part carbonless form. A Carbonless Continuous 1099MISC 3-pt for for dot matrix printers or typewriters. A Carbonless, continuous 5-part form for dot matrix printers or typewriters.